Steve Capper - Owner

There’s no drug, no gadget, no trinket, no possession that can restore, revive and renew you like your own waterscape.
About Wild Rose Gardens and Ponds 

Steve Capper was born in England in 1949…a true 49’er

Raised in a semi-rural part of the County of Cheshire, into a family that was passionate about gardening, he grew up with a deep respect and love for nature. His grandfather, Edgar had enrolled in the local Agriculture College when he was a young man, but had had to drop his studies in order to help out in the family business (soda pop manufacture) Steve feels he is carrying on where his Grandfather left off.

Steve’s passion is creating beauty. The family holidays spent in nearby Wales and the many happy hours spent playing in the Welsh mountain streams are what Steve attributes to his love for ponds, streams & waterfalls and his desire to create landscapes that communicate the feeling that those first experiences stirred up in him.

Steve began his horticultural training by working for the City of London Parks department. He then took the one year program at Arkely Manor Organic Gardening College in North London and worked for a year at an English politician’s estate in Greece, moving to California in 1983. He continued his studies at Merritt College Oakland, City College San Francisco & Aquascape Inc. (based in Chicago) He presently lives in Oakland with his wife Madhuri. They recently became empty nesters.


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